I’m seeing AMAZING results with my skin, better tone and texture. What do you think is the “secret” ingredient that is causing this terrific action?

The amazing results are from a combination of our antioxidant packed 100% certified botanical juice base, potent vitamins and fruit acids. Each Juice Beauty collection has powerful ingredients specifically surrounding the specific needs for that collection.

I heard that Cana Gold Beauty has the highest Vitamin C content in skincare. What is the exact percentage and explanation for this?

Since Cana Gold Beauty products start with botanical juice base and rose water and jasmine oil, instead of a tap water base or a petroleum base like most beauty products, we have a high Vitamins content in our products.

Vitamin C is available in both water-soluble and fat-soluble forms. Juice Beauty formulas can include both forms of Vitamin C for optimum results.

Cana Gold includes juices that are rich in water-soluble Vitamin C. In addition, our botanical juice base is among our highest percentage ingredient in our formulas and is listed first and thus our products are packed with potent Vitamin C.