Seaweed Extract


Benefits of seaweed extract

Provides Anti-Aging Properties

Seaweed contains many vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids that are strong antioxidants, each of which has skin rejuvenating and healing properties. Because of these antioxidants, seaweed is excellent at promoting tissue regeneration and creating skin elasticity.

It Helps With Powerful Hydration

Seaweed contains many proteins, lipids, vitamins and minerals that the skin can easily absorb. Because of this, the nutrients can enter the skin more easily, providing faster and more noticeable results. It makes seaweed extract an excellent ingredient for creams that hydrate your skin, making it firmer. it also reduces sun damage and age spots keeping skin tone nice and even texture.

Reduces Acne

Another common problem that seaweed can help with is acne. That is because in addition to the antioxidants, seaweed also has antibacterial properties and these are key for fighting acne. Seaweed extract draws out any impurities or toxins in your skin as well as help control the oil levels of your face. Both are essential to keeping you acne-free, and that is why masks and creams for acne containing seaweed extract are so common. Seaweed also has a large amounts of anti-inflammatory properties which reduce acne inflammation and is very popular in acne treatments.

Helps Your Skin Tone

Because seaweed contains high quantities of calcium, magnesium, and fluorine, it is a powerful option to gain a radiant complexion. These and other minerals found in seaweed extract will hydrate as well. It is also able to create the perfect balance of moisture, which in turn will help keep your skin looking radiant.

Good for Sensitive Skin

In addition to all the other benefits listed above, seaweed extract has anti-inflammatory properties. While this is good for your overall health, it also makes skin care products containing seaweed extract ideal for all types of skin, including very sensitive or allergy prone. The anti-inflammatory properties come from the high quantities of B12, B6, B3, B2, and B1, all of which can help protect the surface of the skin as well as reduce inflammation. It is often used in the treatment of psoriasis because of antioxidants as well as its inflammatory properties.

Jasmine Oil


Benefits of Jasmine Oil

The health benefits of jasmine essential oil can be attributed to its properties as an antidepressant, antiseptic, aphrodisiac, antispasmodic, cicatrizant, expectorant, galactagogue, emmenagogue, parturient, sedative, and a uterine substance.

This flower has much more to offer than its sweet smell and romantic influence. It is rich in a variety of active chemical component that are beneficial to the skin like: benzoic acid, benzaldehyde, benzyl acetate, benzyl alcohol, indole, benzyl benzoate, cis-3-hexenyl benzoate, cis-jasmone, ceosol, eugenol, farnesol, geraniol, linalool, methyl anthranilate, p-cresol, nerol, gamma terpineol, nerolidol, isophytol, and phytol. The Jasmin oil is very effective in evening the tone of the skin as well as reducing the appearance of age spots.

Jasmine oil is considered to have soothing, moisturizing, and healing properties to provide natural moisture that won’t clog pores. It makes this oil especially beneficial for dry and sensitive skin. According to some experts, it can also benefit people with dermatitis, a skin disorder characterized by inflammation.

  • Anti-aging: Because of its antioxidants, jasmine can help protect from environmental stressors. It can help give a youthful appearance to your skin.
  • Even skin tone: The oil is very effective in evening the tone of skin as well as reducing the appearance of age spots.
  •  Moisturizing: Like many natural oils, jasmine oil helps treat dry skin and provide natural moisture that won’t clog pores.
  • Non-irritating: Jasmine Samba, a variety from Hawaii, is perfect for those with finicky skin temperaments, as its non-irritating and non-sensitizing. It’s also great for dry, greasy, or sensitive skin, as it helps to balance all types without irritating.
  • Natural scent: We can’t deny the lovely scent that this flower has—so adding it to skin care helps to pick you up as well as nourish your skin. Jasmine oil is widely used in aromatherapy for its uplifting and energizing effects. Research conducted on the impact of jasmine oil has found that it stimulates the nervous system and increases the brain’s beta wave power.
  • Jasmine oil: Jasmine oil contains moisturizing properties to stop prevent hair breakage and able to penetrate the hair shaft and cuticle to deeply conditions; it also maintains your natural moisture and elasticity. Jasmine oil is an antiseptic that purifies the scalp of bacteria and building up. The natural healing properties found in Jasmine oil work to eliminate and reduce the possibility of infections and scalp condition such as dandruff. It will also create a conductive state that not only hydrates but seals in moisture to the hair and scalp. The added moisture will tame those frizzes and give life to your curls, deeply conditioning it to combat scalp and hair dryness, and the added softness will stop your hair from webbing, making it easier for it to detangle.

Green Tea


Benefits of green tea

Initially, the popularity of green tea was limited to China for centuries.

Green tea is quite rich in antioxidants. It also contains amino acids, enzymes, and phytochemicals like polyphenols. Moreover, it consists of B vitamins, folate, manganese, potassium, magnesium, and caffeine.

Green tea is quite rich in antioxidants. It also contains amino acids, enzymes, and phytochemicals like polyphenols. Moreover, it consists of B vitamins, folate, manganese, potassium, magnesium, and caffeine.

In addition to its health benefits, green tea also offers an impressive list of skincare benefits.

1. Rejuvenates the Skin

Green tea can help rejuvenate and brighten your skin and make it healthy. It helps to remove toxins from the skin, reduces inflammation, and heals blemishes and scars. It even improves the skin’s elasticity.

According to a study conducted by the Medical College of Georgia in 2003, green tea helps in skin rejuvenation. It can be used to treat skin diseases and wounds.

2. Reduces Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles

Green tea can also help you get rid of puffy eyes and dark circles.

In a research, it was found that a caffeine pad with vitamin K in an emu oil exhibited emollient properties and reduced dark eye circles, improving the appearance of the area around the eyes and shrink blood vessels around the eyes.

3. Fights Signs of Aging

Green tea offers anti-aging and antioxidant benefits that can help delay the signs of skin aging, including sagging skin, sun damage, age spots, fine lines, and wrinkles.

The polyphenols present in green tea help neutralize harmful free radicals, which can cause significant damage to the skin and accelerate the aging process. In addition, it can even help in preventing skin cancer.

4. Treats Acne and Pimples

The catechins present in this ingredient are anti-bacterial and agents. They help in fighting acne-causing bacteria. Catechins even help in regulating hormonal imbalances in the body, which are some of the most common causes of acne.

Excess sebum production may also lead to acne breakouts. Green tea is believed to be effective in controlling excess sebum production. It also boasts anti-inflammatory property that can help reduce redness and inflammation.

5. Works as a Skin Toner

Green tea can help protect the skin from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun. The theobromine, polyphenols, and tannic acid found in this ingredient are effective in soothing and healing sunburned skin by neutralizing the damage caused by UV rays exposure.

A 2011 study published in the Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications journal found that EGCG in green tea prevents melanoma (a type of skin cancer) by inhibiting genes that activate inflammation.

6. Protects Against Sun Damage

Green tea can help protect the skin from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun. The theobromine, polyphenols, and tannic acid found in this ingredient are effective in soothing and healing sunburned skin by neutralizing the damage caused by UV ray exposure.

A 2011 study published in the Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications journal found that EGCG in green tea prevents melanoma (a type of skin cancer) by inhibiting genes that activate inflammation.

6. Shrinks Open Pores

Enlarged skin pores tend to get clogged and eventually get infected with bacteria. Thanks to its antioxidant and astringent properties, green tea is useful in shrinking these enlarged pores. Thus, it will help smooth and tighten your skin

Cocoa Extract


Benefits of Cocoa

We usually think of chocolate as a delicious diet-destroying indulgence – and rarely consider its health benefits. It is easy to forget that its key ingredient, cocoa, is a natural product that is packed with active materials that might be very protective for the skin.

Cocoa is made by fermenting and drying the seeds of the cacao tree. It was the basis of a drink enjoyed by the Aztecs. It was first introduced to Europe by the Spanish in the fifteenth century. Since then new uses for it have continued to be found. We are also still learning about what it contains and what it can do.

Cocoa is rich in antioxidants, richer than red wine or green tea. Work published in the Journal of Nutrition in 2006 concentrated on a group of antioxidants known as flavanols. They showed that a group of women given a flavanol-rich cocoa drink showed 15% less reddening of the skin when exposed to UV light.

One possible explanation for this result is that the antioxidant properties of the flavanols give the skin extra protection against free radicals. Free radicals are the reactive forms of oxygen generated when UV light hits the skin. It is well established that the aging of the skin caused by sunlight is mostly the result of damage to the skin’s proteins produced by these free radical.

Cocoa extracts known to act as a vasodilator increasing the flow of blood to the surface of the skin. This increased blood flow could stop the skin drying out in the way it characteristically does when you get sun-burnt.

Cocoa extracts are bursting with omega-6 fatty acids to work with your skin to heal the look of skin damage and alleviate sun damage and slow down aging.



Benefits of DMAE

DMAE is an abbreviated term for an antioxidant membrane stabilizer called dimethylaminoethanol. DMAE can be consumed orally, or you can apply it directly to the skin to benefit from its skin enhancing benefits. DMAE helps to tighten skin and reduce sagging, improve firmness and elasticity, smooth lines and wrinkles and also brighten the skin. What’s more, it will enhance the effects of alternative antioxidants and is, therefore, best used in combination with Vitamins A, E, and C or alpha lipoic acid.

One of the most important benefits DMAE provides for the skin is antioxidant protection that defends against free radicals. Free radicals damage the skin and contribute to the signs of early aging, including wrinkles and fine lines. DMAE strengthens skin cells and their membranes and in doing so protects the cell’s structure from damaging free radicals.

When DMAE is added to skin care products, it will help in lending some muscular tightening attributes (this is what happens when the cell structures are strengthened), and it helps the skin look smoother, tighter and, therefore, younger.

Antioxidant Power

DMAE not only keeps the cell structure protected, but it also diminishes the amount of stress a cell must endure by protecting it and preventing the production of arachidonic acid, which is a chemical in the body that causes both inflammation and pain. The antioxidant and structural support of the cell contributes to firmer and more radiant skin, with less incidence of broken blood vessels, skin discoloration, and wrinkles.

Essentially, DMAE is one of the best defenses, not only against natural, free radical damage as we age, but it also helps in defying the effects of muscular sagging.

DMAE offer anti-aging benefits by reducing the appearance of wrinkles, dark under-eye circles, and sagging neck skin.

For instance, a review published in the American Journal of Clinical Dermatology states that DMAE may help to increase skin firmness and curb inflammation in the skin. In their analysis of previously published research, the review’s authors found that DMAE may help to lessen fine wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes and improve the overall appearance of aging skin. What’s more, the review’s authors noted that DMAE did not appear to cause common side effects such as redness, peeling, and dryness.

In a preliminary study published in Pharmazie in 2009, topically applied DMAE led to increased thickness of the epidermal and dermal skin layers (in contrast, application of formulations without DMAE increased thickness of the epidermal layer only).

Black Caviar


Benefits of Black Caviar

Black Gold Caviar consider the foundation of youth. It’s found in the beluga fish; unique in its effect, it accelerates the metabolism and boosts 67% of the production of collagen of the skin. Its hydro-nutritive and anti-aging method it gives softness and silkiness to the skin.

Caviar is instantly dampening the skin and forms a natural moister barrier on the skin surface, regenerate ritual cellular youth. Caviar anti-aging and anti-oxidant properties to protect skin against dangerous UVA and UVB rays, this helps to prevent collagen and elastin breakdown. It works wonders on lessening the appearance of wrinkles, and eliminate the appearance of fine lines, caviar extract is packed with vitamins and minerals that are responsible for preventing dullness, and drying of the skin helps in unifying skin color, and it also moisturizes, brightens, and correct remedy.

It also blemishes improve skin texture because it’s rich in Omega 3 fatty acids that help in adding and heal the glow to your skin and contains nutrition’s, and anti-oxidant that treat regenerated and protect the skin. The selenium in and amino acids in caviar conduct- anti-aging activities and slow skin aging and strength the skin structure and improve skin elasticity, producing affirmed and uplifting results.

24k Nano Italian Gold


Benefits of 24 k Nano Italian Gold

Historically Gold has been known for the beauty benefits since centuries Japanese, Chinese, Roman, and Egyptian trusted the power of Gold and the medicinal properties of it in healing few skin diseases. As we recollected history, it was rumored that one of the beauty regimes for the two Egyptian queens Cleopatra and Nefertiti were to sleep with a Golden mask on their face to enhance the skin complication and keep skin youthful and glowing. In ancient Chinese medicine, Gold was the secret to useful skin. Today Gold is used in the treatment and rejuvenation of skin condition — the application of Gold compounds to the medicine called chrysotherapy.

Cana Gold products contain real 24k Nano Italian gold because gold reaches the deep skin levels and regenerate the skin and produce more collagen and even texture. We use the purest high-quality Italian 24k gold imported from Italy to our laps in the USA where we reduce it to Nano-sized gold particles. Gold ions stimulate cells and nerves to improve blood circulation, increase cellular metabolism and reduce dryness due to the particles that existed in the colloidal gold.

The 24k Nano Italian gold molecules will lighten and brighten the complexion of the skin and even it out to give a noticeable youthful and beautiful glow. 24k Nano Italian Gold can slow down the depletion of collagen in your skin and activate the basal skin cells which reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and spots. 24K Nano Italian Gold minimizes the production of melanin which we get it from sunlight and cause freckles, dark spots and pigmentation and the

Antioxidant properties present in gold helps to increase blood circulation and can lead to reduction in acne and other skin allergies because the Anti-bacterial anti-inflammation properties in gold help oxygen to enter the skin faster. Cana gold brought for you the finest Italian 24k Nano Italian gold and combined it with the best anti-aging wrinkles and fine lines and making you look 5 years younger in 2 weeks.

Summary of the benefits of Gold for skin
  1. 24K Nano Italian Gold speeds of cellular process and activates regeneration
  2. 24K Nano Italian Gold reduce wrinkles, stimulate skin cells and restore lost aging skin volume
  3. 24K Nano Italian Gold can lighten the complexion of skin tone and make even texture
  4. 24K Nano Italian Gold slow down the depletion of collagen and increase elasticity and the oxygen level in the skin to prevent sagging skin
  5. 24K Nano Italian Gold has Anti-inflammation and anti-oxidation properties which can treat acne and allergy and help oxygen to enter the skin problems for renew of the cells
  6. 24K Nano Italian Gold reduces the production of melanin and treat the problems of freckles, dark spots and pigmentation
  7. 24K Nano Italian Gold stimulates cellular growth of the basal layer tighten the skin

24K Nano Italian Gold helps to stimulate the cells, nerves, and veins in your body. It leads to improved blood circulation which increases the metabolism of skin cells secretion of the waste and restore the elasticity of the tissues and reduce the breakdown of the

Aloe Vera


Benefits of Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has lots of uses. It contains antioxidants, enzyme, vitamins A & C, and it is highly rich in anti-inflammatory properties. It can help treat burns, acne & dry skin. The enzymes in it can exfoliate the skin to make it smoother.

The ancient Egyptians called it the plant of immortality that’s a lot of medicinal benefits heal wounds and soothe the skin and erase stretch marks and keep the skin moist, hydrant and soft. It has several properties that are effective in treating a variety of skin conditions, from flaky or dry skin, cosmetic ailments, hair and scalp problems to many more.

It is also useful in treating minor skin infection cysts, diabetes and elevated blood lipids in human and treating more serious and persistent condition such as eczema, genital herpes, dandruff, psoriasis, canker sores, skin ulcers. It’s antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties fight fungus. It also brightens your skin tone and removes blemishes on your face, reduce redness, smooths out wrinkles, and add moisture. Aloe Vera treats the cells on the epithelial level of the skin which is why it’s recommended by dermatologists to remove tan, treat sunburn.

In addition to its skin and anti-aging benefits, it has also hair nourishing, and conditions the hair restore shine and vitality.



Benefits of Cactus

When we talk about the nutritional value of cactus we should mention that it is rich with magnesium, amino acids, vitamin GK, C and B, antioxidants, beta-carotene, iron, calcium, potassium and many other nutrients like omega-3 &Omega-6 fatty acids to soften the skin, nourish it and hydrate it. These prevent the formation of wrinkles and fine lines due to its anti-inflammatory compounds.

Applying it topically on the skin will decrease irritations, scrapes, or inflammatory skin conditions like psoriasis and dermatitis. It also helps achieve smoother skin it is super hydrating for dull and dry skin linoleic, oleic, and palmitic fatty acids, which is found in significant proportion in cactus prickly pear seed oil supply the skin with the oil it lacks. This oil is also often used for its skin brightening properties linoleic acid not only nourishes the skin but also eliminates dullness and protect skin from UV radiant. It also heals cuts, wounds, and blemishes.

Phenolic compounds are also found in good concentrations in prickly pear oil, which help repair damaged skin. Another adding benefit is reducing dark circles under the eyes; it contains skin nourishing properties which help to lighten your dark circles.

Benefit of Cactus for hair:

It’s rich with plenty of fatty acids and minerals and vitamins that nourish the scalp and hair like vitamin E that condition the hair and make it glossy and shiny. The antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds in cactus can give relief from many scalp conditions and in turn, reduce hair loss and stimulate hair growth.



Benefits of Ceramides

Ceramides are part of the glue that holds the skin together, and like most good things, these important cellular components decrease with age. This depletion is one of the biggest reasons why your skin become drier, thinner and wrinkled with age. Ceramides are a class of fatty acids that help create a barrier to prevent permeability ceramides in their natural state are an oily wax the actual name is derived from the Latin word “cera” meaning wax.

These molecules are found in the outer most layer of the skin and play an essential role in maintaining the overall health of the skin.

The waxiness of ceramides serves to create a barrier in the skin that helps in retaining moisture ceramides are part of the glue that holds the skin together and helps protect your epidermis from environmental damaged and prevent dryness and redness and irritation. There are nine different types of ceramides which six of them are found naturally in the skin ceramides have anti again properties restore ceramides in aging skin can help with several different issues that are common as you age including dryness and thinning.

Additionally, individuals who suffer from eczema and frequently experience redness flaking and peeling of the skin as well as those who deal with psoriasis and suffer from dry, thick, itchy sales on the skin benefit greatly from ceramides.

The 5 benefits of ceramides are

1. Reduce Irritation

Ceramides skin care has been found to reduce skin irritation in even the most sensitive skin naturally. These fats function to form a barrier on the skin, which protects the skin from external irritants. Likewise, applying a ceramides skin care treatment containing a ceramide emulsion has been shown to improve the natural healing process of the skin, promote better hydration, and limit exposure to other irritants.

2. Reverse Skin Aging

Many individuals experience what is known as xerosis, or an age-related condition that is characterized by abnormal dryness of the skin. According to research, ceramides skin care treatment has been found to reverse this key sign of aging. This finding is believed to be related to the ability of ceramides to restore the barrier function of the skin.

3. Treat Eczema

More specifically, ceramides skin care therapy is an effective option for treating skin conditions, such as eczema. Research indicates that those individuals who deal with eczema have lower levels of ceramides in the outermost layer of the skin. Likewise, research indicates that topical treatments of products containing ceramides are effective for treating not just the symptoms of eczema but also reducing the duration and intensity of flare-ups.

4. Treat Dry, Cracked Skin

Additionally, ceramides skin care therapy is an effective remedy for the common issue of dry, cracked skin. Whether it is due to exposure to the outside environment, frequent handwashing, or otherwise, dry or cracked skin can be uncomfortable to even painful. Ceramides help to restore moisture and mediate the issue effectively naturally.

5. Prevent Infection

Ceramides not only treat skin issues, but they also prevent infections. Functioning as a natural barrier ceramides help to keep bacteria, germs, and pollutants out of your body. With that, ceramides are an effective treatment to reduce infection. If you are particularly susceptible to infection, look for a moisturizer that is full of ceramides.

Ceramides don’t just prevent dry, irritated skin. They function to fix the skin. Over time and with exposure, the barrier that supports healthy skin breaks down in specific places. This breakdown allows moisture to evaporate and irritants to enter in and attack the skin.

Ceramides restore those areas and nurse the skin back to health. The bottom line is that almost everyone can benefit from incorporating ceramides in their skincare regimen. So if you aren’t currently using ceramides skin care, it might just be time you consider it.