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  • 24k Gold & Caviar 2 in 1 Anti Aging Neck & DeCollete

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    24k Gold & Caviar 2 in 1 Anti Aging Neck & DeCollete

    We’ve all heard the warning from generations past; Don’t forget your neck and décolleté’! We’ve further all seen the evidence of a beautifully preserved face only to glance down and view the aging, sun-damaged décolleté’. No matter how committed you are to complexion care; there’s one significant area we all seem to neglect the neck and décolletage. This delicate area from the chin to the chest is one of the first places in your body to reveal signs of aging and perhaps the most noticeable because the skin in this area is sensitive and thin.

    Cana Gold 24k 2 in 1 Anti-aging Neck & Décolletage is a deep action treatment with a high concentration of rejuvenating ingredients such as black caviar (black gold) and Nano 24K Italian Gold and other natural and botanical extracts that will stimulate collagen production while improving healthy cell renewal age spot. This serum will restore skins elasticity while reducing the appearance of horizontal necklines for a more youthful look. It visibly minimizes the look of vertical lines on the delicate skin on the chest and the signs of UV damage to restore even skin tone.

  • 24k Gold & Caviar Collagen Mask

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    24k Gold & Caviar Collagen Mask

    Gone those days when wrinkles appeared after a certain age, now pre-mature skin aging is a thing. Pollution, UV damage, poor lifestyle and stress, and smoking all lead to skin aging. As a result, the skin starts to lose its elasticity and becomes dull, saggy, puffy and wrinkly. That’s where CANA GOLD 24K collagen face mask comes to your rescue.

    Collagen is a naturally occurring protein in the bones, muscles, tendons, skin, hair, nails, tissues and all over the body. The human body can synthesize collagen protein and repair the loss. But as we grow old, the body loses the capacity to rebuild collagen, and the remaining collagen also breaks down.

    When your body doesn’t produce enough collagen, you need to depend on external sources like collagen face masks. On regular application, collagen mask can help rejuvenate the skin, and restore firmness.

    Use of collagen to rebuild the skin cells is nothing new. Collagen has been in use for several ages to heal wounds, boost cell production, and maintain the firmness of the skin. The benefits of using a collagen mask are:

    Anti-aging: Collagen mask is one of the best treatments for skin aging. The anti-aging properties of collagen amplify collagen production in the skin cells. This way you notice the fine lines and wrinkles are gradually disappearing.

    Nourishing: The ingredients present in the mask penetrate the skin layers and moisturize it. As a result, you get a glowing skin instantaneously. It plumps the skin and restores elasticity. It is the best product to nourish dehydrated and dry skin.

    Reduces Spots: Collagen masks also help you to fight spots and blemishes. Although it does not happen overnight, for remarkable results, use it for a few months and see the spots gradually diminishing.

    Rejuvenating: Several research articles have been published that prove how external application of collagen rejuvenates the skin. It protects the skin from the UV damage and makes your skin look younger.

    Brightens the Skin: Collagen face masks not only work as an anti-aging product, but they also enhance the brightness of the skin. The UV rays cause tanning, and a collagen mask can reduce the damages making your skin brighter.

    All our products are paraben-free , Alcohol-free , GMO-free, not tested on animals.