24k Gold & Caviar 2 in 1 Anti Aging Neck & DeCollete


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We’ve all heard the warning from generations past; Don’t forget your neck and décolleté’! We’ve further all seen the evidence of a beautifully preserved face only to glance down and view the aging, sun-damaged décolleté’. No matter how committed you are to complexion care; there’s one significant area we all seem to neglect the neck and décolletage. This delicate area from the chin to the chest is one of the first places in your body to reveal signs of aging and perhaps the most noticeable because the skin in this area is sensitive and thin.

Cana Gold 24k 2 in 1 Anti-aging Neck & Décolletage is a deep action treatment with a high concentration of rejuvenating ingredients such as black caviar (black gold) and Nano 24K Italian Gold and other natural and botanical extracts that will stimulate collagen production while improving healthy cell renewal age spot. This serum will restore skins elasticity while reducing the appearance of horizontal necklines for a more youthful look. It visibly minimizes the look of vertical lines on the delicate skin on the chest and the signs of UV damage to restore even skin tone.


How to apply

Apply a generous amount to your fingers and massage it to your neck and chest in upper motion toward the chin and backward motion on your neck toward your ears. Best results to be achieved if used with other Cana Gold products 24k 2 in 1 eye contouring &repair complex treatment, 24k 2 in 1 hydro-boosting treatment serum, 24k 2 in 1overnight treatment serum, 24k 2 in 1 brightening & whitening treatment.

All our products are paraben-free, Alcohol-free, and GMO-free not tested on animals.

Why you should use this product

Soft & young looking skin is something we all strive for. Unfortunately, necklines make this goal more difficult because they conform at an early age due to the tanning and the UV lights that affect our skin in this area.

Cana Gold 24k 2 in 1 Anti-aging Neck and Décolletage treatment serum is the hope of these frustrating lines. You don’t have to settle for a wrinkled and neck any longer. In our 24k 2 in 1 Neck and Décolletage treatment serum we used the best luxurious Gold Nano 24K Italian Gold and the best unique Caviar Black Caviar (black gold) after we extracted and purified it 3 times to prevent unwanted impurities and combined it with dozens of other natural ingredients that help in rejuvenating your skin and giving it the glow instantly. It enhances your skin complexion day after day.

With aging, skin repair slows down, and the mechanisms for skin development gradually deteriorate. To maintain skin cell foundation, it’s necessary to help re-stimulate skin using our cellular recharge serum which is designed to jump-start and recharge the batteries of the skin with full power to help combat skin weakening due to aging.

The bio energizer mineral complex helps to reactivate the skin’s energy, boost epidermal hydration levels and improve elasticity and resiliency and accelerates skin. The protective power of UV filter with beta carotene and vitamin E 2 in 1 neck and décolletage treatment gives you advanced protection for the future and helps keep you looking as young as possible with glowing radiant throughout the day.

Additional information


Amino Acid, Carbomer, Caviar, Coco Extract, Collagen, Distilled Water, DMAE, Gensing Extract, Glycerine, Gold Powder, Green Tea Extract, Lubarjel, Methyl P-hydroxybenzonate, Red Pearl Ball, Rose Water, Sea Weed Extract, Triathenolamine




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