Are you dealing with Dull Skin, Dark Spots?


Dealing with Dull Skin and Dark spots? Well, these are major problems for the skin in daily routine life. And even no matter what you try, sometimes you just can’t escape those annoying dark spots, dull patches, and all-around meh-ness. 

And Yes, we’ve all been there. So, when nothing seems to work, you need to call skincare experts.

But we never try to do some really useful remedies at home. For example – 

Some eight hours of sleep, and a well-balanced diet for your inner beauty.



1.You feel dehydrated! So is your skin.

Dehydration decreases the volume of blood flow to the skin and makes you look “pale and sickly.” Dehydration may seem like a short-term problem solved by a glass of water, but dehydration for skin is a long-term problem.

Consistently flaws to offer your skin the hydration it needs can cause lasting damage, like fine lines, scales, and even sagging skin and deep wrinkles from severe chronic dehydration.

If you don’t want wrinkles, drink up. Make aim to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.

2. Insufficient Sleep!

Skimp on sleep and your complexion will pay the price. How ? that you can ask? Well, when you’re in dreamland your skin goes into “renewal and repair” mode and fixes the damage caused during the day. Not to mention, lack of dizziness can also lead to fluid retention in certain areas of the skin which can cause puffy eyes and blotchy skin. Now we know why it’s called a beauty sleep because sleep depravity can become a reason for dull skin!

3.Environmental Issues.

Oh, yes, that’s also a skin-care concern. Polluted air contains several small particles, like dirt and sulfur dioxide, that makes free radicals on the skin. Free radicals damage collagen (hello, new wrinkles!) and stimulate pigment production over time and when your skin’s tone and texture are uneven, it diffuses light and appears dull.

The only things which deal with such are regular cleansing, which can help your skin’s texture become smoother and cleaner. Choose a mild creamy cleanser because pollution can cause inflammation which can disrupt the skin barrier. And always wear sunblock before heading out.

4.Stress = Bad Skin 

A work deadline, an argument, or a nasty night’s sleep has you a touch jittery. You and your skin need to let up! A chaotic lifestyle elevates stress hormones, even cortisol, which affects blood flow to the skin and affects skin repair. And, when you’re stressed, your skin secretes more oil and you will notice pimples pop up as your oil glands go haywire. Needless to say, stress is the biggest reason for dull skin. Bottom line: Stress management is key.

5.Lack Of Moisture

A dull complexion is calling out for something moisture.

If you’re dehydrated, your skin will be too. Dehydration decreases blood volume and flaws to the skin, which can make you look pale and dull. If you want to get glowing, drink up! Eight glasses of H20 every day is perfect to turn that dehydration station around.

Apply your moisturizer in gentle, upward to spice up to boost blood circulation and stimulate the cells around your face and neck. That will bring oxygen to the surface of your skin, making it look nourished and healthy.