24K Gold gives you back your natural glow


Through history, Gold has been one of the world’s most valued minerals and a leader as a luxury product. Pure Gold is considered as the ultimate natural element because of its ability to remain unchanged by time and environment.

The uses of this mineral in skin care products date back to ancient civilizations in Rome, China, Japan, and Egypt where gold was used for the treatment of a variety of skin problems. Chinese medicine regarded gold as the key to youth and believed this mineral had medicinal properties that could help in healing a few diseases; the Egyptians also shared this belief. Besides, Cleopatra the Egyptian queen, and the icon of beauty was known to sleep wearing a gold mask to maintain her glowing skin. Let’s find out why this ‘King of Metals’ has been used in cosmetics since early times.

Top benefits of gold in skin care:

1. Reduces wrinkles and fine lines
Gold can offer benefits only when it is broken down small enough to penetrate the skin, in nano form (microscopic particles) suspended in a liquid mixture known as a colloexpressedid. Colloidal Gold, therefore, is commonly used in skin care products because it increases its elasticity, tightens and tones the skin, giving; as a result, the fading of face lines.

2. Prevents premature aging of the skin
Gold’s chemical properties help reduce the dryness of the skin, and restore the elasticity of its tissues, hence preventing premature aging.

3. Stimulates the skin cells
Colloidal gold helps to stimulate the regeneration of cells; therefore, creating new ones to replace the old ones, which translates into healthy skin.

4. Lightens the complexion
The microscopic particles found in the Gold act as an exfoliant -removing dead skin cells; this effect enhances the complexion and gives an instant glow to the skin, keeping it youthful and beautiful.

5. Slows down collagen depletion
Collagen – a protein naturally produced by the human body helps skin stay toned. Unfortunately, as we age, the collagen production slows down. However, the use of gold in your skin care routine can help slow down the depletion of collagen in the skin cells keeping a flexible and smooth skin appearance.

6. Prevents Sun Damage
Continued use of Gold in your skin care routine can also reduce the production of melanin under sun exposure, preventing UV damage on your skin.

7. Reduces skin abnormalities
Gold is not only anti-inflammatory but also has powerful antioxidant attributes. We can conclude that the Chinese and Egyptians were right to believe that Gold has medicinal properties – since it helps to increase blood circulation which leads to the soothing of redness, reduction of acne and other skin allergies.

8. Increases skin elasticity
Aside from the loss of collagen, elasticity also decreases as we age leading to sagging skin. Fortunately, the use of Gold in your skin care regimen can help restore the elasticity by breaking it down and this way giving back the skin’s firmness.

Gold restores your skin’s moisture and gives you back your natural glow. It’s time to let your light shine; follow one of Cleopatra’s everyday beauty secrets, and get back your skin’s firmness and radiance by trying Cana Gold’s 24K Gold Magnetic Mask.

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